The DIAMANT cohort is a population-based, dynamic, prospective cohort of persons with diabetes. It contains real-world data (RWD) from general practitioners (GP), including diagnoses, symptoms, examinations, communication to/from specialists and medication. Diabetes is defined as a recorded diabetes diagnosis or a prescription of drugs used in diabetes. 

The cohort is part of the national infrastructure of “Stichting Informatievoorziening voor Zorg en Onderzoek” (STIZON) and is linked to other data sources.

Available data

Currently, the cohort enables access to information of 89,883 patients in 2004 to 344,914 in 2020 (6% T1D, 84% T2D and 10% unclassified type of diabetes), with 193,931 participants still registered as being present in the GP practice (active) in 2020. The frequency of follow-up of persons with diabetes is practice dependent. The Dutch guidelines advise 2-4 contacts per year with a more extensive yearly check-up. The DIAMANT cohort is updated several times a year. Anonymised data from the DIAMANT cohort are available for researchers.

Facts and figures

More info?

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