Real-life insights
into the treatment
and outcomes of people
with diabetes

DIAbetes MANagement and Treatment (DIAMANT)

The increasing number of people with diabetes and the unclear long-term safety and effectiveness of newer and old blood-glucose-lowering treatments emphasize the need for more pharmaco-epidemiological studies. The DIAbetes, MANagement and Treatment (DIAMANT) cohort aims to gain real-life insights into the treatment and outcomes among people with diabetes in daily general practice in the Netherlands in order to prevent diabetes and its complications. 

The DIAMANT Cohort

The DIAMANT cohort is population-based, dynamic, prospective general practitioner (GP) cohort of persons with diabetes. It contains information real world data (RWD) from the electronic GP information systems, which includes structured diagnostic coding systems. The records include information on diagnoses, symptoms, laboratory test results, referrals to specialists and prescriptions.

Linked data

The cohort is part of the national infrastructure of STIZON and is therefore linked to data from pharmacies, clinical laboratories, Dutch hospitals and to several national registers (e.g. Cancer Registry, Pathology Registry and Perinatal Registry). Linkages to other (not yet linked) data are planned.

This infrastructure enables us to study, manage and support personalised care in order to ultimately improve care and outcomes for people with diabetes.

More info?

Interested to learn more about the DIAbetes MANagement and Treatment (DIAMANT), the DIAMANT Cohort and the national infrastructure of STIZON? Do not hesitate to contact us. 


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